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Pieter Paul van Oerle - Industry Lead Media, Entertainment & Creative Industries Accenture
" provides a structured approach to collaboration and knowledge sharing. It supports organizations in recognizing and solving the problems and challenges that truly matter. Innovation Delivered!"

Iwan Kuijpers - CEO Copaco Nederland NV
"It's absolutely fantastic. offers the possibility to know what's where, which is vital in any organization. On top of that, provides a great pragmatic approach with regards to knowledge transfer."


Antoon Vugts - VP Human Resources Oce - Nederland NV

" eliminates "work about work" - the unnecessary meetings, emails and calls that fail to produce results. also helps employees perform their best and encourages their involvement by allowing collaboration and discussions, while preventing time-draining activities."

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten - Serial Entrepreneur and Co-founder of The Next Web Blog

" helps you capture the knowledge that's currently living inside your employees heads and their inboxes, and the knowledge buried within the organization by creating a real-time innovation and knowledge sharing network."

Johan van Helden - Audi Business Manager - Van den Udenhout Groep

"Audi is earmarked for its innovation, hence the slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik". This is a philosophy that I also recognize at To sustain a competitive advantage, it is critical to be fast and innovative."

Luc de Witte - Professor of technology in care - Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

" offers a tool to connect colleagues at different locations and to facilitate the use of each other's expertise and experience. My team is spread over different locations, sometimes making it difficult to really feel like a team. Meetlink helps to overcome this difficulty."

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