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Connect with the people you need to get the job done. enables you to work with anyone, whether they're inside your organisation or outside the firewall. Invite them into to work together on challenges, opportunities, innovation and ideas.

Unlimited users
There are no limits* on how many people you can invite to your group.

Upload a picture and fill in your expertise and contact information to increase your visibility within your group

Interest Groups

Start open or closed Interest Groups and collaborate in small teams within your network.

External parties

Create external groups and collaborate with partners who are outside of your network (e.g. Customers, Suppliers, Partners)

Collaboration groups

Join large scaled collaboration groups. Team up with experts, specialists, and other organizations in your sector and industry.


Connect privately and securely both internally and with external parties. Creating and maintaining a safe and secured environment is's top priority.


Share Knowledge and experience with only one goal; Getting better. enables you to share knowledge and experience easily and efficiently within a secure environment.

Share updates and ask Questions
Ask for helps and collaborate with your coworkers in real-time.
Private Messaging
Communicate directly without leaving
Files, Links, and Images
Upload and share Documents, Links and Images with co-workers, groups, or your entire organization.
Get an email update when changes are made, comments are places, and when ideas or challenges are added.
Knowledge Centre

Make stored knowledge (e.g. Articles, Protocols, Guideliness) available to your network easely and effenciently.


Each conversation is archived indexed, and fully searchable so you can find what you need from your company's knowledge base.


Solve the challenges that matter to your organization.'s challenge-bases aproach offers a stucturized and orderly approach to problem solving.

Generate, share, discuss and evaluate ideas with the idea box.
Collaborate and share knowledge more effectively with our challenge based approach. 
Project Challenges
Project Challenges provide an easy and effective way to collaborate and share knowledge within and between project groups.
Closed Challenges

Solved challenges are securly stored within your own dedicated database. These challenges are easaly accessible and searchable for everybody within your group.

Poll Challenges
Polls enable you to easily gather targeted information from other users or check quickly as to whether people agree or disagreed to a statement.
Find experts

Our members page enables you to find users with a specific expertise, as their knowledge can assist you in solving a challenge.