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Why most collaboration platforms don't work

Collaboration platform or enterprise social networks are a dime a dozen. In most cases, the implementations of these platforms fail hopelessly. The reason for this is that every organization is different! Each organization has different requirements while most platforms fail to fulfill these needs.

Another reason why these platforms perform poorly is that users are hesitant upon using the platform. Users do not allow a platform to be forced upon their selves and the adoption of a platform comes from the need of such a platform. The usage of a platform is dependent upon the integration of a platform and this is where other platforms (e.g. Yammer, Socialcast) fail due to their inflexibility of blending seamlessly into the existing organizational structure and intranet. 

1. Taylored to your wishes

Don't pay to much for a platform you don't control. With Meetlink you are in charge! does something no other social enterprise provider does. It enables your organization to take charge and completely customize the platform's look, feel and functionality. Every organization is different and deserves a customized approach.

Customize the look and feel
Take charge and make sure the platform fits your company's branding.
Decide on functionality

Which functionality do you really need? How should they be integrated?

Integrate with your Intranet

Don't simply throw your intranet overboard. Expand it with our powerfull feature set. 

Development on request

Thanks to our modular setup, adding new functions to Meetlink is easy. Missing something? Let us know, so we can develop new solutions together.

2. An extensive collaboration platform

Connect, share and innovate with your colleagues. enables you to connect with your co-workers in a safe, easy and structured environment. Connecting co-workers, teams, and departments with each other creates a cooperative community which results in creative synergies, efficient knowledge transfer, and controlled information flows which are beneficial to solving business and organizational Challenges.

Unlimited users
There are no limits on how many people you can invite to your group.
Challenge based approach

Meetlink's Challenge based approach structures collaboration within the organization to ensure effectiveness.

Private Messaging
Communicate with other users without leaving Meetlink and having the hassle of finding the right contact information.
Companywide Q&A

The perfect place to ask questions and help eachother solve Challenges quickly.

Enterprise Microblogging

Real time communication with co-workers, which enables quick requests for help.


Generate, share, discuss and evaluate ideas using Meetlink’s idea box. Keeping track of discussions becomes easy.


Find users with a specific expertise as their knowledge can assist you in solving a Challenge.

3. Fast Deployment

The waiting is over. Launch your own collaboration platform within days!

Over the last few years, our platform has been a proven asset for our clients. Contact us to setup your own private and customized Meetlink platform.

Fully tested
Get schooled by professionals in the Meetlink Academy, the place for eye opening webinars to lift your knowledge to a new level. This way you will get a proper preparation to avoid pitfalls in future complex Challenges you may encounter. 
Predictable Costs
Transparency is something we value a lot. We ask a fixed price for the platform plus a fee for customization.

Knowledge is power; therefore being able to connect with each other and share information privately in a safe and secured environment is Meetlink's top priority.