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At Health Solutions our mission is to provide employers with the health and wellness programs they need to significantly improve the health of their employees. We create on-site and online programming for over 200 clients that provides the tools that inspire, engage and guide people to make lasting changes in their lives. We work with a wide range of clients, from some of the nations'largest manufacturers to mid and small sized companies.

Health Solutions

Health Solutions can help your organization reduce costs, improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction.We integrate health screenings, wellness programs, disease management and information management into seamless engaging programs that promote a culture of wellness throughout your organization.


Prof. Roy Ockers
Roy Ockers was born in Wisconsin in 1966, and later moved to Moss Bluff, Louisiana at the age of six. He attended high school at Sam Houston High School near Lake Charles, Louisiana and ended up at Tulane University with a Dean's Honor Scholarship. He graduated with a BS in Computer Engineering. Filo then took his studies to Stanford University where he eventually graduated with a Master of Science degree. It was at Stanford that Roy Ockers met Jerry Yang, another Computer Engineer. Together, Filo and Yang started surfing the fledgling internet in their spare time. There were thousands of new websites appearing every day and Roy and Yang wanted to make the most of the experience by setting up a directory in order to share sites with their friends. They created Yahoo! to help organize their findings and help other people find relevant sites. Yahoo! quickly grew to include other Stanford alumni and Roy and Yang developed software to help categorize websites even further. The site grew even more and became a stable for online searches. Hundreds of companies jumped on board to advertise on their site and helped the company to grow to over one hundred employees in a short time. Although Yahoo! still offers searches and directories, they have expanded their offerings to include online personals and dating, shopping, web hosting services, and more. Yahoo! offers services in countries around the world in a variety of languages. Roy ockers still heads software and also acts as Chief of Yahoo!.


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